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Jason Stapleton

Hello again my friend,

For more than a decade marketers have used ethical bribes to bring in leads.

You may know them by a different name. Tripwire, lead magnet, freemium..they all mean the same. Ethical bribes offer you something of value, for free, in exchange for you email address.

In the beginning they worked great. Email was still new. Everyone wanted to hear the iconic “you’ve got mail.”

But as the years went on it got harder to reach people who took your bribe.

Most of us have two or three different email addresses we use. Today it’s estimated that…

In 1948 David Ogilvy launched his advertising agency from a 2 room office on Madison Avenue. He was 39 years old.

Prior to that day he had not written a world of copy, or created a single advertisement. In his previous careers he had been a chef, a door to door salesmen and most recently a farmer.

On the day his doors opened he issued the following mandate:

“This is a new agency, struggling for its life. For some time we shall be overworked and underpaid.

In hiring, the emphasis will be on youth…We are looking for young turks. I…

There’s a bit of controversy stirring in my little corner of the internet.

A famous marketer by the name of Mark Ritson is making the case that a lack of formal marketing training is hurting the marketing industry.

I don’t know if Mark is a genuine asshole or if he just plays one in public but after watching several of his speeches and following him on social media I’ve got some thoughts.

Mark has a lot of fancy titles after his name. He also seems to have a gigantic chip on his shoulder. He’s abrasive, condescending and pretentious. …

Here’s a simple mental hack.

If you want to change someones mind sometimes all you have to do is change their perspective.

When I was in the Marines, the first thing I did after bootcamp was attend SOI (School of Infantry) where infantrymen learn field craft and small unit tactics.

One day we were in the high desert practicing land navigation. My buddy Pratt was staring at at the map and couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

Finally the instructor came over and quickly scoffed, “Hey dummy, you’ve got the map upside down.”

Pratt, feeling a bit ashamed, turned…

We spend a ridiculous amount of time on social media trying to convince people they’re wrong.

Ok, maybe you’re the one person reading this who never goes on social media, never finds themselves irritated about the idiocy they find and never tries to correct it.

But it’s far more likely you are just lying to yourself.

In either case I think we can both agree that the majority of people spend far too much time trying to convince those we don’t know, to think or act differently.

I’ve spent the bulk of my working life trying to figure out how…

The year was 1978.

Salvador Assael, already known around the world as the Pearl King, had a problem.

For nearly two decades he had been cultivating and perfecting a variety of pearls called Tahitian Black Pearls.

There was just one problem. He couldn’t sell them.

Salvador had cornered the market on Tahitian peals back in the 60’s. He had hired experts in the cultivation of pearls to improve the look and consistency of his product.

Yet despite his reputation, and the fact that black pearls were worn by royals around the world, he could not sell them.

There simply was…

Humans are highly contradictory.

If you were to walk down any city street in Los Angles, as I did this weekend, you will see 90% of people wearing a mask. Even if they’re on an empty street with no one within shouting distance.

Yet those same people will sit down to dinner at an outdoor restaurant surrounded by people and immediately take their masks off, presumably without fear.

Why do we do this?

And before you go thinking this kind of irrationality is confined to the “weirdos Hollywood” let me present you another scenario just as irrational.

Why would most…

Last year I bought a dog.

A German Shepard puppy to be exact.

Shepards are fantastic pets. They’re great with kids, other dogs, and also fantastic guard dogs.

But having owned Shepards in the past I also knew that they can be demanding, overly defensive around your kids and very territorial.

It’s all in how you train them.

I wanted to make sure I had the best trained dog possible so the second I got her home he training schedule began.

Training for puppies looks a lot more like games. You put mats on the floor and entice the puppy…

How much would you pay for a broken dive mask.

More specifically this broken dive mask.

One of the most difficult things to do these days is build a strong sense of respect and authority online.

It’s become even more difficult since the lockdowns. Everyone is going online and trying build a strong personal or professional brand.

Most of them suck at it, doing nothing more than adding to the noise on the internet.

The good news is, although the space seems cluttered you can still make a name for yourself if you do a few things right.

Remember, Influence is going to be one of your most valuable assets in 2021 and beyond so let’s…

Jason Stapleton

“We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well death will tremble to take us.”

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